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Rearing Stallions, the price listed is for each, left or right.

These bronze sculptures of rearing stallions truly shows their natural, spirited or noble nature and are a magnificent addition for the discerning stable, breeder, ranch, or horse lover.


The term “stallion” dates from the era of Henry VII, who passed a number of laws relating to the breeding and export of horses in an attempt to improve the British stock, under which it was forbidden to allow uncastrated male horses to be turned out in fields or on the commons; they had to be “kept within bounds and tied in stalls.” The term “stallion” for an uncastrated male horse dates from this time; stallion = stalled one.

Domesticated stallions are trained and managed in a variety of ways, depending on the region of the world, the owner’s philosophy, and the individual stallion’s temperament. In all cases, however, stallions have an inborn tendency to attempt to dominate both other horses and human handlers, and will be affected to some degree by proximity to other horses, especially mares in heat. The vast majority of Thoroughbred horses on the racetrack are stallions, as are many equine athletes in other forms of competition.

This NEW bronze statue is hand finished and cast in the traditional Lost Wax Casting Process. This is a multi step process that insures a quality bronze sculpture that may be passed down from generation to generation. Each piece of art holds intricate details and realistic qualities, each a unique quality of art that blends the process of Lost Wax Casting Process as well as hands on detailing.

We offer FREE SHIPPING with each of our items within the USA. Each of our items is heavy in weight so we pack each shipment securely so it will arrive in perfect condition. After your order is received and payment is made we start the process of the final detail on each sculpture, meaning the finishing hands on details. We inspect each piece for workmanship and quality and hand pack each order so please be patient in delivery as we insure your order is of high quality and meets our standards. We do ship with delivery confirmation so we can track it’s delivery to insure it reaches you!


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