Limited Editions

Limited Editions are all statues / sculptures limited to 100. All are inspired pieces by Castano of paintings or bronzes that were done by the original artists, Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, and Henry Moore in their life times.

Artist Guillermo Castano Ramirez was born in 1938 in Mexico City to an artistic family; his father, Guillermo Castano Alvardo, was an award-winning sculptor. Castano received his formal training at the Academia de San Carlos and then taught at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City.

Known for his sculptures, Castano uses the “lost wax” process and creates his own patinas in his studio in La Presa, Mexico. His sculptures have won numerous awards, including Second Prize in the Biennal of Latin American Sculpture in Washington D.C., Frankhoma Award of Sculpture, Oklahoma, and first prize, Silver Award of Best Educational. Castano is also a member of the International Sculpture Center, serves on the board of directors of Artist & Sculpture Bronzes Inc. in Los Angeles California,

When you browse through our selection of Limited Edition bronze statues, you will find there are a number of poses that strike the eye and provide you with a great decor item to blend in with your sense of style and provide you with a unique sense of style that will complement the decor in just about any room and serve as a conversation piece.

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