Frederic Remington

A Collection of Frederic Remington Bronze Statues

When you’re looking for a classy statue to showcase around your home or business, World of Bronze has you covered. We carry a vast array of options, including the Frederic Remington bronze sculptures, giving you a variety of styles from which you can choose. You will find some of Remington’s most popular sculptures in the USA, allowing you to decorate with style and add a touch of class to any room.

Some of the Most Popular Poses

When you browse through our selection of Frederic Remington bronze statues, you will find there are a number of poses that strike the eye and provide you with a great decor item to blend in with your sense of style. We offer the bronze buster, the mountain man in bronze, a cowboy, a buffalo horse and much more. Many of these statutes are western themed and provide you with a unique sense of style that will complement the decor in just about any room and serve as a conversation piece.

A Number of Sizes

We offer a vast array of Frederic Remington bronze sculptures to customers throughout the USA. In addition to offer a variety of designs from which to choose, our customers enjoy a large selection of sizes so they can find the one that best fits into the space they have. Whether you are looking for something small to go in a curio cabinet or you need something larger for the floor or a table, we can help you find the perfect size of the sculpture you want.

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